Great job in the 5K!

We had awesome swims today. A couple state records were crushed. Andrea Schmidt now holds the Women’s 18-24 age group record at 1:14:56. Phil dropped the Male 45-49 age group record to 1:12:45. Other swimmers got to see major improvements in their stroke that ranged from feeling more efficient to not feeling any pain at all while they swam. Our most improved swimmer dropped 0:10 seconds for her average 100 pace.

The 5K is over – What’s next? If you’re lucky enough to be living in the state of Montana, the Flathead Swim Series is the next long-range target for practices. Our short-term goal is to prep members for the Tritons Triathlon on Sunday, June 24th. Over the next month and a half we will be sprucing up those Open Water Swimming skills, practicing for race day, and improving our sense of feel for pace. More information can be found at the following link to the Flathead Swim Series Website.

Below are a couple pictures from today’s 5K.

Lane 2 relay team
Lane 2 relay team
Swimming strong
Solo swimmer
Timers and counters: we could not do this without you. VIP section of the pool
another solo swimmer
Solo Swimmer