BOZE’s annual …

BOZE’s annual 5K Distance Swim Challenge was a huge hit, thanks to all of the great swag! Lots of fantastic swims and many records broken. Even a few smiles along the arduous road. Congratulations to the first-timers, who proved that they can swim 3.1 miles! Thanks to everyone for supporting BOZE and joining in the distance swimming fun! The relay teams looked like they were have a great time. And, thanks to all who helped count, set-up, time, and support their friends and teammates. BOZE appreciated our volunteers!
Results for the 5K swim are below:

Phillip Luebke 1:15.27 (Record)
Jamie Kujawa 1:16.25 (Record)
Kara Conners 1:25.28
Nick Harriott  1:27.38
Ryan Takeshita  1:32.46
Julie Raaf  1:33.54 (Record)
Dan Himsworth 1:40.53
Audrey Wooding  1:42.07 (Record)
Edie Pinkham  1:58.23 (Record)
Flora Olyphant  2:29.09
Ken Quintana  2:41.07

Dougherty/Waters 1:28.11
Russo/Agenton  1:35.25
Skuntz/Zickovich  1:37.38
Wade/Hegel/Wilke  2:08.20