The One Hour Swim

Congratulations to all of those swimmers that participated in the One-Hour swim event this past Sunday!  What an amazing feat.  There was such a great turnout and it was a great time!  A special thanks to the Bozeman Running Company for lending us their timing clock not only for this but also for the 1/2 hour swim event as well.  Below are the meters the participants swam in the hour.




Jamie Kujawa: 3750

Nick Harriott: 3675

Laurie Thatcher: 3640


Ryan Takeshita: 3350


Anne Hossner: 3295

Tony Thatcher: 3120


Moeko Toride: 3250


Bill Claridge: 2875


Erika Sweigert: 3150


Hy Adelman: 2725


Julie Zickovich: 2830


Michael Dougherty: 2600


Ann Drenk: 2365


Dan Himsworth: 2500


Flora Olyphant: 2075


Wendy Gerez: 2035



Mary Robbins: 1770