Half-Hour Swim Results!

Thanks to our first time swimmers as well as to all our returning swimmers this year.  Everyone swam well, either within meters to their past distances or setting self records!
Congratulations to Jamie Kujawa for swimming the furthest distance this Sunday with 1900 meters!  Nick Harriott and Laurie Thatcher were close behind!  I also wanted to acknowledge Nick, and Ryan Takeshita for beating their last half-hour swim distances in a meter pool and Tony Thatcher for smashing his record by almost 300 meters.
Also to Ann Drenk, Bob Wade, Rick Livers and Wendy Gerez who swam farther this year than in all of the past half-hour swims they have done!
You all committed to and completed such a great accomplishment!  Nice job!


Jamie Kujawa: 1900

Laurie Thatcher: 1845

Julie Raaf: 1675

Moeko Toride: 1665

Elizabeth Skuntz: 1600

Kathryn Babin: 1500

Ann Drenk: 1187

Flora Olyphant: 1115

Wendy Gerez: 1075

Mary Robbins: 965


Nick Harriott: 1860

Ryan Takeshita: 1745

Tony Thatcher: 1700

Michael Dougherty: 1650

Dan Himsworth: 1630

Rick Livers: 1615

Tony Barton: 1450

Ryan Sampson: 1435

Bob Wade: 1385