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Popular Women’s Triathlon Sells Out
It took only 23 minutes for the May 15, 2011 Gold Nugget Triathlon to hit its registration limit of 1,500 racers. Online registration opened at 8:00 p.m. on a Wednesday and at 8:23 p.m., applicants were shut out as all slots had been filled. Those who were unable to register were given a bit of hope. If a registered applicant did not pay by March 9, there would be a random lottery for slots. The Gold Nugget Triathlon is a girls and women only event. Its popularity leads one to believe that there is room for another similar event or more triathlons in Alaska.

Triathlon Risk Management: Cycling
By Katharine M. Nohr, reprinted from
While chatting with JJ Johnson, a certified USAT coach at Starbuck’s one day, I introduced him to my website, and we discussed safety issues in sports. Since I’m the regional officials coordinator for USAT for Hawaii, JJ often asks me about issues relating to the USAT Competitive Rules. We discussed our amazement that so many triathletes claim that they do not know or understand the rules. This seems absurd as athletes in every other sport football, basketball, baseball, golf, and tennis seem to be well aware of their sport’s rules. Why should triathlon be any different? JJ reminded me that the typical training of triathletes involves cycling in a pace line with athletes riding their bikes close together drafting. If triathletes primarily practice drafting during training rides, when are they practicing adhering to the USAT rule requiring that, “while on the cycling course, no participant shall permit his drafting zone to intersect with or remain intersected with the drafting zone of another cyclist…”?. See Rule 5.10a of the USAT Competitive Rules.

The competitive rules were established for fairness as well as safety. Cyclists increase the risk of collision related injuries when drafting close to one another. Because of this and because of the training advantage gained by not drafting, one would think that coaches might eliminate drafting from their training rides or, at least minimize it. My suspicion is that an athlete that primarily trains by not drafting other cyclists will become stronger physically and would be less likely to incur a time penalty in a USAT sanctioned event. Also, the athlete would be less likely to be injured and the coach less likely to be sued in the event of an injury. This is certainly something to think about.

2011 Regional Championship and Special Qualifiers
There are three important special qualifiers for our region in June. On June 11, 2011, at 8 a.m., Moses Lake Family Tri will hold The Pacific Northwest Special Qualifier at Blue Heron Park. On June 12, South Maui Triathlon at Wailea, will be the intermediate distance Special Qualifier. The Regional Championship this year will be held at the Coeur d’Alene Triathlon on August 13. These three events will qualify the top 33 percent or top five finishers (whichever is greater) in each age group for Age Group Nationals. For more information on the Age Group National Championship and qualification standards, click here.

Skills Development Camp in Boise
Guest Coaches Heather Wurtele (two-time Ironman Champion) and Trevor Wurtele will be working with three USAT certified coaches at our Skills Development camp for 13-19 year old junior elites to be held in Boise June 11-16. This camp will focus on the fundamentals of triathlon’s three disciplines. In the pool, athletes will work on swim stroke fundamentals, as well as buoy turns, navigation, and open water entries and exits. On the bike, athletes will practice cornering, climbing, descending, and braking skills. Athletes will be introduced to group riding skills and entry-level draft-legal skills. Run practices will focus on dynamic warm-ups, form, and transition runs. Extensive practice at transitions will take place with athletes mastering flow-through transitions. In addition, guest lecturers will be present in the areas of sports nutrition, functional strength training and injury prevention and how to structure their training. Coaches will also work with athletes on how to balance triathlon training with high school sports. The cost of the camp is $750, inclusive of airport transfer, room and board, and all activities. Scholarships available on need basis. To apply please e-mail triathlon background of prospective camper. Once accepted, parents will be given a code to register on Contact me Alexander Endo with any questions (917) 992-4627 or

Sanctioning Fees for New Races
USAT Pacific Northwest Council is offering to pay sanctioning fees for new races. This will be on a first come, first serve basis. Race directors who are interested in applying for such sanctioning funds, should send their requests to

Funds Available to Promote USAT Races
USAT Pacific Northwest Council has money in its budget to promote USAT sanctioned races. If you have any ideas how this money can be used in an effort to increase USAT sanctioned races and membership, please submit your ideas to

Attend our Annual Membership Meeting on August 12 in Coeur d’Alene
Attend USAT Pacific Northwest Region’s Annual Membership Meeting on August 12, 2011, at the Coeur d’Alene Triathlon and Duathlon. Steve Born from Hammer Nutrition will be our featured speaker. Time and location to be announced.

Duathlon National Championship
In less than one month, duathletes will converge on Tucson, AZ for the 2011 USAT Duathlon National Championship. The 5k-35k-5k run/bike/run competition will qualify athletes for the 2011 ITU Duathlon World Championship in Gijon, Spain. Don’t miss your opportunity to race in a beautiful place, compete with fellow duathletes and vie for your chance to qualify for Team USA! The top eighteen athletes in each age group with roll-downs to twenty-fourth place will qualify for worlds. For more information and to register, please visit USA Triathlon.

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