Thank You Triton Volunteers for Supporting the Headwaters Half Iron

Thanks to all of our Triton volunteer members who made this year’s Headwaters Half Iron a wonderful success. BRENDA, SUZIE, BECKY, KARA, MARY, AUBREY, MARTIN, DAVE, MARGO, JENNA, JON, FURRY, ALANNA, BRYCE, LAWRENCE, MILICA, JULIE, LAURIE, TONY, AND BOZ — YOU ARE ALL ROCK STARS! The Bozeman Triathlon Club appreciates you supporting the event, and giving back to our local triathlon community. What an experience, and inspiring race day! I’m feeling really good about it, and still smiling. Without question, the event was a Triton love fest, 21-strong, with heaping amounts of positive energy. I know I appreciate each and every one of you, and your contributions. Overall, my takeaway from the race was the good vibe atmosphere — the smiles and laughter, the cheering, and seeing teammates really enjoying and appreciating each other, developing friendships. There is a tremendous amount of team enthusiasm and support for the Tritons hosting and directing the Headwaters Half Iron and Treasure State Triathlon, commencing 2011. Creativity, the sharing of ideas for future races were bursting at the seams. A few teammates even had mini novelettes underway. Well, not quite, but megabytes of brain drives were definitely in use. If you’re inclined, and while it’s still fresh in your mind, please go ahead and jot down your ideas, suggestions, lessons learned, etc., and send them to Laurie, Lawrence, and me. The race day experience in the years ahead will definitely benefit from your input. Remember. Next year. It’s our party, in our house. Thanks again for your tremendous support, have a great week, and TRAIN ON.