Treasure State Triathlon, Headwaters Half Iron, Bozeman Running Company!

By now, many of you already know that Tony Brendgard recently sold Fleet Feet. Fleet Feet has been a solid fixture in the Bozeman triathlon community for years. The establishment founded and directed our local Treasure State Triathlon and Headwaters Half Iron. Casey Jermyn is the new owner, and now operating the store as the Bozeman Running Company. Tony, rather than the Bozeman Running Company, will continue to direct the Treasure State Triathlon and Headwaters Half Iron.

Naturally, given the multifaceted transition at the store, the Bozeman rumor mill is running on overtime, especially with respect to the status of the races. Seeking the truth, I recently spoke with Tony and Casey. Here’s the short story, including welcoming remarks from the Bozeman Running Company. Good luck to Tony and Casey in their new endeavors, and to all racers participating at the Treasure State Triathlon on Sunday! Race on.

The race is definitely ON for Sunday. Given his sale of the store, Tony is currently “critically shallow” for volunteers. 5 volunteers would work. 15 would be better. On pace with recent races, approximately seventy five racers have already signed up. Packet pick-up will continue to be available at the store. To volunteer, please contact Tony at Let’s support the race!

The race is definitely ON for July 25th. Well ahead of last year’s pace, approximately twenty five racers have already signed up. If the I-90 bridge reconstruction at Three Forks is not completed by race day, the event will move to Bozeman. Likely, two and half laps around the Pond, and a bike loop up Bridger Canyon. Current entrants are aware of this possibility, and on board.


Hello Triton Members,

My name is Casey Jermyn and I wanted to send you a quick email to introduce myself. I just recently purchased the Fleet Feet store here in Bozeman and am now operating under Bozeman Running Company. I would like to extend an invitation to develop a working relationship between the Bozeman Running Company and your club.

My number one priority with the Bozeman Running Company is to become more involved in the running and triathlon community. Going forward we will continue to carry triathlon gear, as well as an extensive collection of nutrition products. By next year, we hope to be able to support local charity races and events by providing timing equipment, course markers and packet pick up. If there is anything that I can do to help support the Triton club please let me know.

To kick off new beginnings, I would like to offer current Triton members a 10% discount on all footwear, apparel and nutrition products in our store.

We look forward to meeting your club and supporting your events in the future.

Happy Running!

Casey Jermyn

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