The Chronicles of Masters Short Course Nationals by BOZE’s own Micheal Dougherty

Hi All,
Day 3 and my busiest day. 3 events back to back. 100 Breast I dropped my
record from 1:14.17 to 1:14.09. Not a huge drop, but I’ll take it. Broke 50
Fly record. Old 31.60, new 30.93. Here’s how much this meet humbles you
though, I broke the state record, but finished 28 of 32 in my age group.
Swam 5 seconds slower on my 200 IM. Still my second best ever, but making
the turns on these walls is a bitch. Every turn on the flat wall was
horrible, and I muddled my backstroke turn on the bulkhead end. The
bulkhead only goes about 4 feet into the water. When you’re swimming toward
it, you’re looking under it to the other end of the pool. It’s difficult to
see it for a freestyle turn until you’re right on it. Altogether, I was OK
with the time given 5 out of seven turns were off. I easily lost a second
each turn. 
It really wears you out just being here. There are 1,977 swimmers entered.
The total seating in the center is for 2,000. Add in family, friends,
entourage, etc. and you have more people than seats. When you’re on deck
waiting for your event, their is really no place to park. Today seemed to
be the busiest day as far as the numbers there. Hopefully a lot won’t be
back tomorrow. Tomorrow I swim one event at around noon, and my other
around 5:00. The good news is I get lots of rest. The bad news is that
there is nowhere to rest. Even if you have a seat, they’re so packed
together that your knees are up against the back of the seat in front of
you. No place to spread out. There is some advantage to being here alone
though. At the first level up in the stands they have a railing where there
are spots for wheel chairs. Sporadically there are seats there for
companions. There is one lone seat at the end near one of the stairs to the
lower seating that has about 4 wheelchair stalls next to eat. Because there
are no seats next to it, no groups have claimed it so I was able to get it
both days. With luck it’s mine tomorrow. Not so desirable for watching
because its above the diving pool and past the competition pool, but I just
need a place to park. 
There are definitely some of the best in the country here. They are
setting national records almost every event. I think one world record was
set today too. I can’t believe they let me swim here. Lisa Bennett, the 54
year old FBI agent I swam with in Virgina had the same thing happen to her
in the 100 breast today as in the 50 breast yesterday. She broke the
national record, but got touched out by 1/100th of a second by the same one
that did the same to her yesterday. That has to hurt. Quite a few ex
Olympians here. And they’re swimming times pretty close to their Olympic
I attached more pics. I’m beat. Off to bed.
Michael Dougherty