Triton Roster, Membership

Yellowstone Ride – 2009 Triton Triathlon Camp with USA Olympic Coach Michelle Blessing. Standing L-R: Greg, Bridget, Chris, Becky, Laurie, Neil, Michelle, Martin, Ryan, Art. Seated L-R: Lawrence, Jenna, Sherri, Tony, Carrie

Hi Triton Teammates!

In advance of the Triton “Meet the Coaches” Mixer on Friday night and prime time for the tri race season, it was high time for me to update the roster and check membership renewals. Right now, the roster stands at 51 members strong. Nice. See list below.

Separately, I emailed current members this morning, regarding the status of membership expirations. If your membership has expired or is set to expire in the near future, please renew your membership today!

For new and renewing members, please fill out the membership form below, and provide a $30 check ($20 for MSU students) payable to the Bozeman Triathlon Club. You can mail the form and check to the Bozeman Triathlon Club, PO Box 1647, Bozeman, MT 59771-1647. Membership dues cover miscellaneous Club expenses including support for activities, insurance, and administration.

Separately, to strengthen your triathlon experience, the Club strongly encourages members to purchase, or keep current, annual memberships with USA Triathlon, too. Annual USAT memberships are available at

The Club hopes you are enjoying the Triton multisport experience, and a healthy lifestyle. See you Friday! Art

Triton Membership Form 

Get to know all of your teammates, all 51 of them!

New members welcome!

# Triton # Triton
1 Axelson, Mandy 27 Long, Jonathan
2 Benjamin, Bridget 28 Manlove, Kezia
3 Benjamin, Greg 29 Martin, Chris
4 Claridge, Bill 30 Martin, Dan
5 Coleman, Martin 31 Martin, Eric
6 Damon, Kara 32 Miller, Megan
7 Desin, Katie 33 Parks, Matthew
8 Ellenberger, David 34 Pearson, Sherri
9 Eshbaugh, Jeff 35 Purvis, Lander
10 Evans, Kris 36 Robbins, Mary
11 Fallaw, Jenna 37 Sampson, Carrie
12 Fisher, Ben 38 Sampson, Lawrence
13 Fletcher, Doug 39 Schell, Bill
14 Fulton, Furry 40 Schultz, Rachael
15 Gaillard, David 41 Sexton, Neil
16 Hayes, Molly 42 Sherstad, Alanna
17 Hegel, Brenda 43 Takeshita, Ryan
18 Heil, Dan 44 Thatcher, Laurie
19 Henry, Micca 45 Thatcher, Tony
20 Hochstein, Becky 46 Thompson, Art
21 Howard, Phil 47 Thomsen, Matthew
22 Kassens, Teri 48 Van Cutsem, Joris
23 Knapp, Rob 49 Wade, Bob
24 Lancaster, Denver 50 Wirth, Jon
25 Lauren, JP 51 Zickovich, Julie
26 LeFeber, Jeremy