A Fantastic Weekend

Thanks to all Bozeman Masters Members that participated this past weekend at the Montana Masters State meet. You all showed great team spirit and sportsmanship. Nick, thanks for entertaining Isabelle. Mary, thanks for starting from a dive. Ashley, Ann, and Eileen, thanks for participating in your first official swim meet. Carrie and Katie, for racing solid races and helping team mates. Rick, for reminding us that old guys CAN finish first. Michael and Dan, for breaking and setting new records. Slater and Ryan, for showing serious speed in the sprints. Dylan, for wearing the shark swim cap and for the smack down in the 200 fly. Craig, for joining the  team at the last possible moment and making it to the meet. Bob and Bill, for setting new personal bests.  I am so thankful  I get to be your coach and to see you all accomplish great things. You guys ROCK!