USAT Pacific Northwest Region Winter Triathlon Championship Results

Brutal. Hardest thing I’ve ever done. Harder than an Ironman. Yes, the puppies were indeed howling on Sunday.

Summarizing the race, competitors tossed out a few juicy expletives in transition and at the finish line, too.

Hills, ice, varying course and snow conditions, especially along the “soft” bike course, challenged racers all morning long.

At the finish, all were happy to have endured, to LIVE ON, remembering “YOU ARE A POWDER HOUND!”

Welcome to the emerging world of winter triathlon, Montana-style.

Congratulations to the USAT Pacific Northwest Region Winter Triathlon Champions. Well done, indeed.

#1 Female — Laurie Thatcher

#1 Male — Alex Lussier

The Bozeman Triathlon Club and Homestake Lodge thank all racers, dog pound supporters, USAT, the USAT PNW Region, and our sponsors for supporting the Championship and Powder Hound Winter Triathlon. We look forward to welcoming everyone back to the Powder Hound in 2011! Growl on.