Powder Hound Coverage in USA Triathlon Life Magazine

The winter edition of USA Triathlon Life Magazine was published yesterday, including some nice coverage of the Club’s Powder Hound Winter Triathlon.  See article below. Post press, the USA Triathlon Pacific Northwest Region selected the Powder Hound as the home for the 2010 Winter Triathlon Region Championship. For more information on the Powder Hound, the linked Tritons Winter Camp, and the Championship, please see the 11/4, 12/9 and 12/22 blog posts. Thanks to USA Triathlon, USA Triathlon Life Magazine, the USAT Pacific Northwest Region, Pacific Northwest Council Chair Ann Gilbert, and Managing Editor Jayme Ramson for the following Powder Hound Winter Triathlon article. Republished here with permission. Join us on January 31 for a day of snowy triathlon fun.