Triton Members Only – Special CrossFit 4800 Winter Programs!



CrossFit 4800 is a proud sponsor of the Bozeman Triathlon Club, and we are delighted to announce that we are offering the following winter training, CrossFit 4800 membership programs for Bozeman Triton members. Triton programs commence on Monday, January 4, 2010. Triton members will receive the following rates, a 20% discount off our new regular rates, which will be published and go into effect on January 1, 2010. As an additional option, Tritons wishing to start the CrossFit 4800 strength training program earlier, on Monday, November 30th, may do so following these program guidelines and pricing.

Capacity for these programs is limited. The MultiRider programs and the Strength Training Elements Course will initially be made available exclusively to Bozeman Triton members. CrossFit 4800 plans to offer only 16 MultiRider memberships. Unsold MultiRider memberships will be made available to the public, beginning January 1, 2010. CrossFit 4800 will continue the MultiRider programs in response to demand, and likely through the end of April 2010 when triathletes and cyclists begin to shift to outdoor training. All rates are based on automatic payment memberships. Month to month payments will not be accepted.

Additional information on CrossFit 4800 is available at If Triton members have any questions or would like to make program reservations, please contact CrossFit 4800 Owner Jeremy Henrichon by email at or by phone at 406-570-5417.

MULTIRIDER PROGRAM – $40 Month – Only 16 Memberships Available. First come, first serve. Program includes: (1) Triton Members Only, exclusive Triton coached rides at 6pm on Tue and Thu (2) Triton Members Only, exclusive Triton programmed, long group ride at 10am on Sat. (3) Programmed group rides at 6pm on Mon, Wed, and Fri. (4) Unlimited rides during open hours. For all rides, members shall schedule seats for each time slot in advance, via . Members shall schedule only one coached ride each week. More specifically, select the Tue or Thu ride during a given week, not both. Seats are available on a first come, first serve basis.

BOZEMAN TRIATHLON CLUB COMPUTRAINER PROGRAM – Free – As a sponsor of the Bozeman Tritons, CrossFit 4800 is pleased to continue to house, schedule, maintain, and offer this Triton-owned equipment for Triton member use, free-of-charge, primarily during open hours.

STRENGTH TRAINING PROGRAM – $85 Month, commencing upon completion of below Elements Course – CrossFit Strength training classes. Check them out at All new members and returning members will be required to attend the following intro level, one-month long “Elements” course.

STRENGTH TRAINING ELEMENTS COURSE PROGRAM – $95 One-time Charge – Triton course begins Monday, January 4th. Required for all new and returning members. This course serves as an introduction to the barbell movements such as squats, dead lifts, presses, and cleans, along with accessory plyometric, kettle bell, and mobility drills. The Elements course is imperative to safe and successful training for you, the trainers, and the other athletes. This will also include an intro to our training philosophy and nutrition plans. Classes run Mon, Wed, and Fri evenings at 6pm. Each athlete is required to be present for 8 out of these 9 sessions or they must repeat the entire course the following month. Elements course exclusive to Triton members will begin on Monday, Jan 4th.

MULTIRIDER & STRENGTH TRAINING COMBINATION PROGRAM – $115 Month – Rate for Strength Training and MultiRider Cycling.

SPRING HYBRID CYCLING/TRIATHLON TRAINING PROGRAM – $195 Total – An 8-week strength for endurance program starting the beginning of March. This class will incorporate functional strength training concepts along with cycling specific workouts in a hybrid format, and will be designed and periodized for the needs of competitive endurance athletes who are about to enter their season. CrossFit “Elements” and at least one month of CrossFit strength training will be a prerequisite for these advanced classes.