The Times They Are A-Changin’

Great job November 5th on the BOZE monthly timed 1k and 100m swims.  You all did a great job! Keep up the hard work, and let’s see how much time we can knock off on December 3rd.  Mary improved her 1k time by over a minute, broke the 3:00 mark on her 100m free and won a Bozeman Masters Shirt!  GREAT JOB MARY!  What will be the next prize? Who will win it?  Qualifications for winning: PASSION!!!  SWIM STRONG SWIM ALTITUDE

Swimmer 1K Free  100M Free
Amy McNamara  20:55  1:51
Art Thompson  19:30       DNS
Bill Penniman  26:30  2:08
Brad Lartigue  22:10  2:07
Brenda Hegel  28:20  2:25
Dan Himsworth  17:55  1:33
Ellen Zombro  20:05   DNS
Eric Olsen  26:30  2:09
Jamie Kujawa  15:27  1:19
Jonathan Long  14:05   DNS
Kristi Martel  18:40  1:30
Martin Coleman  18:21  1:28
Mary Robbins  31:55  2:55
Michael Dougherty  17:09  1:24
Nick Harriott  16:59  1:12
Ryan McGee  15:49  1:09
Sarah Bennett  20:58   DNS
Tyler Bennett  16:19   DNS