Dave’s Thoughts

Hello Tri-club members! It was great coming up to Bozeman and chatting with you all. You’ve got a great energetic and hearty group of athletes. Hopefully in the future on one of my visits to see my two sons we can reconnect. One winter training tip that I’d like to share is to start up or continue your strength training. Make sure you include full body exercises that incorporate the glutes, hips, low abs and low back, quads and arms in one exercise. For example, an old fashion burpee with a push up and a vertical jump added into the exercise is a good one use.  A second exercise is to take a set of light dumbbells  and to perform a squat lowering the weights to the floor simutaneously jumping and curling the weights to your shoulder immediately followed by a half squat and completing the exercise with a split leg overhead jump press. Happy winter training! – Dave www.davescottinc.com